• Password salting and hashing

    Using our robust encryption technologies fend off potential hackers from stealing your passwords from phishing attacks. Reset your passwords with additional protection and verification on your personal e-mail. Show crooks the door right away.
  • Easy to customize

    We have put a lot of thought and tweaking into the features on BidOnn to give the best user experience, even a newbie can accomplish a lot with just a few mouse clicks to customize just about anything.
  • Configurable fees by site admin

    Set the right fees for individual projects with a few clicks. Edit or delete prices or add additional fees for your services as you deem appropriate with this cool feature.
  • Customizable email templates

    Get custom email templates that you can send in a flash from our categorized pre-written texts. Its so easy even your grandma will ace it in mere seconds!
  • Choose favorite employees

    Choose your favorite employees and archive projects you are interested in. Categorize them with the added feature to your choosing and pick from the favorites at any time as you wish.
  • Extensive site reports in admin area

    Get comprehensive site reports in the admin panel. From tracking site transactions to measuring conversion and sales channels now get everything you need in one place. It does not get cooler than this.
  • job images slider with lightbox support

    Post picture shots of your project specifications and get exactly what you are looking for from the vendors for added clarity with visuals. Create a slideshow, add or modify existing collage. Its so simple yet very powerful.
  • Live timer to show the remaining time for bidding end

    Never lose out on a bid anymore. With the live timer, it will never be too late to post your bid. Our customers just love this cool feature.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for this software for over a year! Even made a number of attempts at having other scripts modified unsuccessfully. There are a couple of quirks with Bidonn...

Mr.Steve, TaskTemps


Looking forward to a long-term business relationship and have enjoyed working with you to date given your responsiveness and ability to perform.

Mr.Eric Eckardt, ClearHud


I like working with you guys because you don't mind making a million revisions :)

Mr.Derrick, HammerJoe


BidOnn works like clockworks everytime. Thanks for the free script, I am loving it.

Michelle Tritz, Brisbane


This is fantastic! I've used the free version for close to 4 months now and its the best free script I've tested thus far hands down! You rock!

Zac Mullins, San Antonio

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