• Escrow Payment Option

    No more worrying about whether the contractor is going to finish the job after being paid. Simply deposit funds in our licensed escrow and your contractor will be paid when milestones are met. It's just that simple.
  • Paypal payment gateway integration

    Accept all major credit and debit cards, plus get incremental sales by offering PayPal and Bill Me Later payment options to your customers. Buyers can also take advantage of our mobile optimized checkout when they shop from their smartphones.
  • Personal message board

    Use this feature to have personalized private communications on specific projects. Post queries and get more information on just about any segment of the project or use it as a central message hub for multiple project queries - The perfect private two-way street.
  • Private project option

    Get the project poster to work with you on a freelance site and be assured of payment with full protection. Works like a charm for both parties involved.
  • Option to categorize projects

    Now categorize projects as per your preferences and get organized. Create and choose from multiple categories with just a couple clicks. Sort projects by priority, save and retrieve as you please with this feature. Comes in handy everytime.
  • Invoice generation

    Generate invoices for completed projects with just a few clicks. You have the option of editing invoices before sending them to the clients and we have made it as easy and seamless as 1, 2, 3 for you.
  • Integration with google maps

    Added feature for location specific projects and a local map view for more localized search and locate. Another very useful tool that you would not dare to overlook.
  • Comprehensive site admin panel

    The admin Panel offers you control over what you want to see on the pages, it encompasses managing static pages, adding or deleting categories,reports etc. You have total control of the projects, users and transactions.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been looking for this software for over a year! Even made a number of attempts at having other scripts modified unsuccessfully. There are a couple of quirks with Bidonn...

Mr.Steve, TaskTemps


Looking forward to a long-term business relationship and have enjoyed working with you to date given your responsiveness and ability to perform.

Mr.Eric Eckardt, ClearHud


I like working with you guys because you don't mind making a million revisions :)

Mr.Derrick, HammerJoe


BidOnn works like clockworks everytime. Thanks for the free script, I am loving it.

Michelle Tritz, Brisbane


This is fantastic! I've used the free version for close to 4 months now and its the best free script I've tested thus far hands down! You rock!

Zac Mullins, San Antonio

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